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"My epidemic story"

for children 

Covid-19 has initiated a collective trauma that brings with it not only a threat to one's physical wellbeing but one's emotional and psychological health as well.  Indeed, we will not know the depth and breadth of the Covid psychological trauma for some time to come. It is in times of crisis that the mental and emotional integrity of a community is challenged and revealed. Therefore, the trajectory of communal psychological disease begins with the individual, and this means you can make a difference.

Here are a few psychological tips for remaining calm and centered:

-Maintain structure and consistency in your daily life. While your children may be out of school, it doesn't mean that mealtimes, physical activity and academics need go by the wayside. Human beings thrive in a consistent environment. You will experience less fear, anxiety and worry if you remain focused on productive activities.  The workbook "My epidemic story" located above, is a complimentary book which can be downloaded,  and done with your children.

-Read inspirational and spiritually inspiring stories daily. If you are not a religious person, stories of human resiliency and nature itself can provide beautifully elegant and meaningful examples of the life cycle filled with mystery, hope and redemption.


-Do not deny yourself or your children the opportunity to express sadness, anger, and grief over the Covid outbreak. Deep feelings of insecurity and fear will emerge in a situation such as this which will rattle nerves because ultimately we do not know the outcome of how the disease will affect all of us. This uncertainty can set off feelings of panic. Remember that expression of feelings is healthy, even when these feelings are defined by a sense of helplessness. Regardless of what emotions are being expressed, it is in the act of listening that a sense of helplessness may lead to a greater sense of security. 

-Seek professional advice and consult when necessary. If your loved one or you begin showing symptoms of great distress; such as obsessive-compulsive thoughts and actions, depression, lack of affect and motivation, increased aggression which may lead to physical altercations,  please contact me at: 602. 653-8804.

-When you begin to catastrophize, pull your mind back to the moment and ground yourself if what you know you can count on (family, friends, etc). Attempt to keep your mind focused on the moment. 

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