Covid-19 The Earth's Message to all of us.... Clean up your act, or else...

How might we come to finally understand the true meaning of Covid-19? Some feel that Covid is a disease from China, released from the wet markets when a bat contaminated another animal which then contaminated a human. This would be the conscious, obvious story. Yet the other side of the story lies within the folds of the unconscious world. The unseen, unspoken natural world, which is sending us an obvious and deadly message. Clean up the planet or die. The bat is the symbol of death and rebirth, delivered to human beings who have sorely missed the point: that nature is catastrophically out of balance, due to our carelessness and lack of respect for nature herself, and the abuse of her resources. Where floods, fires, mudslides and tornadoes have failed to propel humans into action, nature has sent us its fiercest weapon; disease. We have been initiated into the process of collective transformation. We must act on global warming now, or suffer more devastation. It is that simple. If we can heed the call of nature we stand a chance for collective re-birth.


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