The Quotable Jung

Carl Jung not only had a beautiful mind. He was a prolific writer, who wrote rich and memorable observations about life. His understanding of the landscapes of dreaming were exceptionally astute. Indeed, as Jung stated, "The dream is a little hidden door"....

The landscape of Dreaming

"Childhood dreams still remembered by adults are not just any dreams, but have been preserved by memory because they completely contain human life in either longer or shorter periods. When we have a cursory glance at such a dream, at first we do not understand why it has been remembered. If we are able to trace it back, however, we can in most cases find clues as to why it has gained such importance. If things have made a deep impression on us in childhood, we may assume that something highly important lies within what impressed us as such, or what a very important event happened in the neighborhood of what we kept in our memory, something which is meaningful for the whole later course of life." Jung, from his book on Children's Dreams, p. 136.


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