Tragedy is the great equalizer...

"Tragedy is the great equalizer, and no individual, regardless of wealth or fame, can escape the challenge tragedy brings. If one primary purpose in our lives is to cast off all illusions and awaken to the eternal knowledge of what is truly real, then tragedy can be viewed as an equal opportunity aid to our development. The problems we face in the trials of our lives, whether we are standing in protest against injustice or fighting cancer, battling addictions or bankruptcy, our problems can help each of us grow beyond our personal limits. Our problems initiate a struggle within our own souls that take us to the brink of our own experience. As we command our spirit to find a way to overcome these obstacles, we are forced to break past any false trappings of the

identity, and to focus intensely on what is real, and what is truly important."

John Lewis, from Across That Bridge


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