Books and Articles

Archetypal Nonviolence 
Jung, King and Culture
through the eyes of Selma
Routledge Publications, 2020

This Book is available for purchase through all major booksellers.


Podcasts & Conferences

Friends of Jung, Phoenix, 2017, 2021

Shrinkwrap Radio, 2020

Breakfast at Kuschnacht, 2021

Rendering Unconscious, 2021

Inter-Regional Society for Jungian Analysts, 2017, 2020

Analysis & Activism, 2020

Feminisim & Technology, 2020

CG Jung, Santa Fe, 2021

International Society of Jungian Scholars, 2021

Professional Publications

Treating the Female Gang Member, Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy, Los Angeles, California, 1994.

The March from Selma to Montgomery and the Nonviolent Movement in Analysis, Psychological Perspectives Los Angeles, California, 2018. 


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